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Ant-Bee With My Favorite "Vegetables"
& Other Bizarre Muzik

1994 Divine Records 3 (CD/LP) / Electric Yak 3 (cassette)

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  1. Lunar Egg-Clips Runs Amuck - 3:36  |  Sample
  2. The Girl with the Stars in Her Hair - 6:34  |  Sample
  3. Motorhead Snorks - Motorhead Speaks (CD/LP only) - 1:05  |  Sample
  4. The Live Jam - 14:01  |  Sample
    1. Once the Clothers are Off
    2. Stringbeans, Greenbeans + Other Assorted Vegetables
    3. Moonpie - Cooked
  5. Jimmy Carl Black Speakin' At Ya - 1:39  |  Sample
  6. In a Star - 3:10  |  Sample
  7. Do You Like Worms? - 4:57  |  Sample
  8. Bunk Speaks - 2:40  |  Sample
  9. Another Gardner Variation (CD/LP only) - 1:16  |  Sample
  10. Pachuco Falsetto Laughs (CD/LP only) - 0:12  |  Sample
  11. Live at the Trip (cassette only) - Here we Go Round the Lemon Tree, (CD/LP Only) - 3:13  |  Sample
    1. The Fungus
    2. Lunar Egg-Clips Walks with the Fungus
  12. Who Slew the Beast? - 6:04  |  Sample
  13. Dom Dewild Speaks - 2:25  |  Sample
  14. Dom Dewild Tranzforms (Before Your Very Ears) - 1:11  |  Sample
  15. Dom Dewild Speaks Again  - 1:02  |  Sample


Those Who Play
The Ant-Bee: (Billy James) Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Mellotron, Tape Manipulations
Bunk Gardner: Saxes, Snorks, Wheezes, Assorted Screams
Dom Dewild (Don Preston): Keyboards, Vegetables, Assorted Tranzformations
The Indian of the Group (Jimmy Carl Black): Dialogue, "Are You Shaauugg!", Assorted Munchkinizms
Motorhead: (Euclid James Sherwood): Snorks & Dialog
Pachuco Falsetto (Roy Estrada): Bizarre Laughter
Herman Monster (Roy Herman): Guitars and "La-La's" on "Moonpie"
Lunar Egg-Clips (Greg Brosius): Keyboards Run Amuck and Freaky Laughter
Purple Plastic Penguin (Rick Snyder): Bass on "Worms"
The Tragic Sunbeam (Marc Oxindine): Bass, Sulter and Swiss Poverty
The Mod Martian (Rod Martin): Backwards Guitar
Reoccuring Schizms (Scott Renfroe): Assorted Tape Manipulations
Mr. Lambchop (Paul Lamb): Bass, French Horn, Marriage
Mr. Crisp (John Criss): Piano on "Worms"
Disk Information
All Material produced, arranged, & struggled with by Billy James

Al Material written by Billy James 1991/1992 ANT-BEE Muzik/BMI Except;
     Motorhead Snorks - Speaks 1993 Jimmy Sherwood
     Jimmy Carl Black Speakin at Ya 1993 Jimmy Carl Black
     Bunk Speaks 7 A Gardner Variation 1992/93 Bunk Gardner
     Pachuco Falsetto Laughs 1994 Roy Estrada
     Dom Dewild Tranzforms, Speaks, And Speaks Again 1992/1993 Don Preston
     Do You Like Worms 1967 Brian Wilson/Van Dyke Parks - Capitol Records
     Here We Go Round the Lemon Tree 1967 Roy Wood - Westminster Music

Recorded on 16 track recorder at DH Studio, North Hollywood, CA 1990 - 1992
  Engineer: Scott Kolden
  Re-Edited & Cleaned up at: Sonic Cafe Studio, Charlotte, NC
    Engineer: Scott Renfroe
The "Live Jam" recorded on DAT live at Weat LA Studios, West LA, CA, June 1992
  Engineer: Dan Simon
"Who Slew the Beast" comprised of 1/2 studio material & 1/2 live material with various tape manipulations.

Produced by Billy James  |  Engineered by Scott Kolden and Dan Simon
Cover art by Alan McBrayer  |  Cassette has different song order than CD/LP.

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